A small construction company grows into a sustainable company with the help of marketing

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About the partner

The company specializes in the construction of wooden frame houses in the Scandinavian style. A small company that used subcontractors in the beginning has since grown into a stable company with its own construction department.



Overcomes the barrier of low sales due to higher prices through effective positioning and presentation of the value proposition.


Increase brand awareness: stand out from the competition and become a recognizable player in the Scandinavian house building industry


Increase brand recognition in the target market and position the company as a reliable and experienced builder of wooden houses.

Project milestones and process outcomes

Market and target audience analysis

Market and target audience analysis

Examining the competitive situation and the company's positioning. Determining the profile of the target customer: needs, interests, communication channels.

Strategy development

Strategy development

Positioning: Creating a company's Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Determining the optimal mix of marketing tools.

Website creation and promotion

Website creation and promotion

Creating a modern and user-friendly website optimized for search engines. Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and contextual advertising in search engines.

Advertising campaign

Advertising campaign

Launching contextual advertising in Google Ads and targeted advertising in social media.

Analyzing the results and adapting the strategy

Analyzing the results and adapting the strategy

Continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Strategy changes based on the information received.

50 %

Brand recognition increased by 50% in 6 months.

42 %

The number of building requests increased by 42% in 6 months.

18 %

The cost of customer acquisition decreased by 18% in 6 months.

A marketing strategy based on a deep understanding of the market and target audience helped the company achieve significant results.

Thanks to the skillful utilization of various marketing channels, the company was able to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, strengthen brand trust and become the market leader in Scandinavian house construction in the region.

Rakennuspyyntöjen määrä kasvoi 42% 6 kuukaudessa - lisää liidejä ja kasvata liiketoimintaasi

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A small construction company grows into a sustainable company with the help of marketing

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